DrDisrespect Teases Casino slot online Collaboration With Nike To Bring New Kicks

Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known by his online alias DrDisrespect, is one of the most successful casino slot online bonus138 streamers right now. He is well known for his iconic red jacket, mullet, moustache and sunglasses. He is also popular for his eccentric personality that’s outgoing yet charming. One of his latest streams drops a hint on his next collaboration.

DrDisrespect teased an unsuspecting casino slot online collaboration between the two-time champion and Nike. During one of his recent streams, he answered a call from Nike on his flip phone. He mentioned a few key giveaways such as “demand” for “gamer shoes”, riffing on how most gamers wear socks but the need for shoes could arise in certain situations. He returned to playing Warzone right after the call ended.

It’s conceivable that this is just a casino slot online prank or a tactic to gain Nike’s attention, but it wouldn’t be shocking if Nike has already contacted him.

Nike has previously casino slot online collaborated with PlayStation to create limited-edition sneakers that were popular among gamers and sneakerheads. Although there’s no knowing whether or not this will actually happen, an announcement seems plausible if something is in the works since the Doc is already hinting at it.


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