Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves – All the Easter Eggs in the New Casino Slot Online Trailer – Comic-Con 2022

San Diego Comic-Con is just getting underway, but already Paramount dropped the first casino slot online bonus138 trailer for Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves. This new live-action movie looks to be delving deep into D&D lore, if the various Easter eggs and hidden references are any indication.

From iconic casino slot online creatures to familiar magical spells, we’ve broken down all the key Easter eggs to be found in this new footage. Check out the slideshow below or scroll down to learn more.

The Creatures and Realms of Dungeons & Dragons


This casino slot online dragon breathes what seems to be black acid as opposed to fire; this could point to it being an extremely powerful, chaotic evil Ancient Black Dragon, which uses an Acid Breath attack.

This casino slot online looks to be the Underdark, a subterranean realm.

A quick shot of a Mimic, an infamous D&D creature that disguises itself as a casino slot online treasure chest.

Two famous D&D monsters in one shot! Both a Displacer Beast and a Gelatinous casino slot online Cube can be seen here.

Though it’s hard to make out the exact casino slot online color of this dragon, because of the volcanic setting and its breath of fire, it’s likely a Red Dragon, known for being ferocious tyrants.

The Spells of Dungeons & Dragons

The casino slot online mage appears to be using some kind of protective spell — possibly Force Barrier — to shield the oncoming arrows.

It looks like someone might’ve used the casino slot online Heat Metal spell on Michelle Rodriguez’s axe.

It seems like Sophia Lillis’ character could be using the casino slot online Dimension Door spell here.

The casino slot online mage is casting some sort of lightning spell, which could be Witch Bolt, based on the shape.

Based on the casino slot online sounds heard here, the mage might be using Magic Missile.

The casino slot online other mage teleports via a spell — could it be a case of Misty Step?

Sophia Lillis’ Tiefling Character


Most of the casino slot online characters appear to be human, but based on her horns, Sophia Lillis’ character is likely a Tiefling.

This casino slot online shows Lillis’ character transforming from a horse to the much-more powerful beast, the Owlbear. However, it’s worth noting that the Wild Shape ability — the class feature that allows druids to change into animals — wouldn’t allow a transformation into an Owlbear, as it’s technically classified as a monstrosity. This could mean the filmmakers are playing with the combat rules a bit, or a spellcaster simply cast Polymorph on her.

The trailer dopped shortly after fans got a first look at its main characters in costume. Watch for everything else announced at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 as the show continues.

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