Every Loose End in the Marvel Cinematic Casino Slot Online Universe

Keeping on top of the Marvel Cinematic casino slot online bonus138 Universe wasn’t too complicated back in the day. There was a little bit of Iron Man in Hulk, a little bit of Thor in Iron Man, and so on. Each teaser arrived one at a time but, deep into Phase 4, the MCU has expanded so much that there are currently two dozen unresolved plot threads that might appear in upcoming films and TV shows.

Warning: The remainder of this article features full spoilers for the entirety of the MCU!

Remember when the new casino slot online White Vision flew off, for example? What about Nick Fury hanging out with the Skrulls in space? And what’s Valentina up to in her pursuit of the U.S. Agent and other anti-heroes? The MCU isn’t bashful about referencing these teasers in subsequent films and shows, so it’s best to be prepared before heading into the next viewing.

Samuel Sterns Hulking Out

Samuel Sterns on the brink of becoming the leading mind on all things Hulk.

Throughout 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, Bruce Banner communicates with Samuel Sterns as they try to find a cure to get rid of Hulk. After failing to help Banner but succeeding in making the casino slot online evil Abomination, Sterns is knocked to the ground as drops of Banner’s tainted blood drip into his wound, causing his forehead to swell as he turns into… something.

In the Marvel casino slot online comics, Sterns becomes one of the Hulk’s most iconic enemies, The Leader. This (literal) big-brained baddy becomes an evil genius that tries to take over the U.S. government alongside other world-changing missions including, of course, destroying the Hulk.

The Sorcerer Mordo Turning Evil

Mordo has had enough of sorcerers breaking natural laws and, as a result, is taking away everyone's powers.

Once a member of the casino slot online Masters of the Mystic Arts, Karl Mordo turned on his fellow sorcerers following the stream of natural law violations that took place throughout Dr Strange. Deciding that no sorcerer was worthy of wielding magic, Mordo was seen in the end credit scene stripping Jonathan Pangborn of his powers.

This was sort of addressed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, as Strange meets an alternative universe version of Mordo and comments that his casino slot online version “snapped and dedicated his life to trying to kill” him, but it’s unclear if that’s all dealt with or if Mordo is still out there causing problems.

The Birth of Adam

Ayesha has seemingly lost the Sovereign's favour but has one last trick up her sleeve to take down the Guardians.

The five separate casino slot online Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 post-credit scenes were hard enough to keep track of at the time so we’d forgive you for forgetting the cocoon that’s soon to birth Adam. Ayesha, leader of the Sovereign (the gold people-skinned aliens) created something “more powerful, more beautiful, and more capable of destroying the Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Adam, known to Marvel fans as Adam Warlock, was created similarly in the comics, albeit by a separate group, but with the intention of being the perfect being. He’s undergone several iterations – and has appeared as both an enemy and ally of the Guardians of the casino slot online Galaxy – but we’ll need to wait until Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to see exactly how actor Will Poulter’s version fits in.

Scorpion’s Revenge on Peter Parker

Mac Gargan hasn't gone full Scorpion yet but is still determined to take down Spider-Man.

As Adrian Toomes, the Vulture, arrives in prison following his casino slot online battle with Spider-Man, he soon meets Mac Gargan, more commonly known in Marvel mythos as Scorpion. Gargan tells Toomes that his criminal cronies are looking to take down Spider-Man, alluding to a villainous group well known in the comics as the Sinister Six.

This casino slot online team of supervillains has included several different members in the comics but, while we sort of saw a version of this in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Scorpion obviously wasn’t involved. His full descent into villainy is actually caused by J. Jonah Jameson in the comics, so with actor J.K. Simmons reprising the role of his raving Daily Bugle personality, perhaps the MCU will pursue that storyline too.

Quill’s Search for Gamora

Quill clearly isn't ready to give up on Gamora yet.

While Avengers: Endgame ends on bittersweet note for our heroes, Peter Quill’s story is definitely more on the bitter side as he’s forced to deal with the heartbreak of losing, getting back (sort of), and losing Gamora again. In a brief scene at the end of the casino slot online film, just before Thor boards the Guardians’ ship, we can see Quill initiating a search for his long-lost love. Now that the Guardians have moved on from their partnership with Thor, however, it’s likely we’ll see this pursuit for Gamora in Vol. 3.

Nick Fury Chilling in Space

Nick Fury taking the time to relax in between planning his next universe-changing mission.

In one of the MCU’s more bizarre plot twists, we find out at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home that Nick Fury isn’t actually Nick Fury but instead Talos the Skrull. The real casino slot online Fury is in outer space with the rest of the alien race. We haven’t seen Fury since, but thanks to news of the upcoming Secret Invasion Disney+ series, we know that’s where we’ll see him again.

In the casino slot online comics, the Secret Invasion storyline revolves around a Skrull invasion established through various superheroes and key members of world governments being replaced by the alien shapeshifters. But in a twist, the MCU painted the Skrulls as a more misunderstood and heroic race being oppressed by the Kree, so perhaps the conflict in Secret Invasion will see a schism amongst the Skrull survivors, one led by the benevolent Talos and the other his daughter, who fans theorize is the comic book villain of Secret Invasion named Veranke.

White Vision Taking Off

The two Visions locked in a philosophical battle.

While this casino slot online version of Vision was just built to basically be a government weapon, his conversation with Wanda’s magical recreation of the original Vision caused a complete reboot. White Vision gained all of the original’s memories and declared himself to be the true version before having an identity crisis and flying away to parts unknown.

Though it happened through different means, White Vision in the casino slot online comics was also born after the original was pulled to bits. Our favorite theory is that this conflicted White Vision will be recruited to join the Thunderbolts (more on them in a moment).

Monica Rambeau Goes to Space

Monica Rambeau will finally meet Captain Marvel again but the reunion might not be much fun.

Monica Rambeau deals with a lot during the course of WandaVision but her newly gained super powers at least garner the casino slot online attention of “an old friend” of her mother’s. A Skrull was sent to recruit Rambeau and, as she pointed up to indicate where they’re going, she’s presumably going to space.

Rambeau’s next casino slot online appearance in the MCU is in The Marvels – which as the name suggests also features Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel – but we don’t know too much about the film’s plot. As evidenced in WandaVision there’s seemingly beef between Rambeau and Captain Marvel, with the leading theory suggesting it’s related to her mother’s death.

Sharon Carter Infiltrating the U.S. Government

Sharon Carter being welcomed back into the U.S. government, all the while planning a betrayal.

After a lot of back and forth, Sharon Carter seemingly gives up her casino slot online role as the Power Broker at the end of Falcon and the Winter Soldier as she returns to the States and takes up her old position as a secret agent. In the ultimate double (triple?) cross, however, Carter makes a dramatic exit and informs her criminal friends back in Madripoor that they now have direct access to the U.S. government.

A new casino slot online Captain America movie is confirmed to be on the way from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s lead writer Malcolm Spellman, and given Sharon Carter’s inherent ties to the series, a continuation of her story would most likely take place there.

From Captain America to the U.S. Agent

Captain America was a little too goody-goody for John F. Walker, who instead becomes the U.S. Agent.

Following the tried and failed casino slot online experiment to recreate Captain America, we see the disgraced John F. Walker meet the mysterious Valentina and don a new suit. “Things are about to get weird,” she tells him. “So when they do, we’re not gonna need a Captain America. We’re gonna need a U.S. Agent.” Valentina says that she’ll be in touch, likely alluding to the upcoming Thunderbolts film.

This casino slot online super-team is somewhat of an anti-Avengers. To borrow from DC Comics, picture the Suicide Squad. The intentions of the group have shifted between good and evil in the comics so it’s unclear which way the MCU will take it, though given the rumored lineup of former villains and anti-heroes – U.S. Agent and Black Widow Yelena Belova, among others – it’s likely we’ll get a bit of both.

Kang and the TVA

Loki looking on as another form of He Who Remains, known as Kang, now controls the TVA.

Existence itself exploded into an infinite number of casino slot online universes at the end of Loki as He Who Remains was killed by Sylvie. Loki returned to the Time Variance Authority – currently in chaos – only to find that this doesn’t appear to be the reality he knew, but a new one ruled by Kang, another version of He Who Remains who returned with an iron fist.

Kang the casino slot online Conqueror is due to appear next in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and, though this seems a little unusual at first, the Pym Particle was a major part of Avengers: Endgame’s time-travel plot so it makes sense that Kang, the self-described master of time, would target Scott Lang for daring to intrude on his domain.

The Adventures of Taskmaster and the Widows

The Red Room falls and the Widows and Taskmaster are now free of the evil Dreykov.

Following the downfall of the Red Room and Dreykov’s death, the Widows on board the giant invisible flying base are freed of their mind casino slot online control. Yelena goes with them too (and her storyline has since continued, but more on that in a moment) though most of the Widows and Taskmaster appear to be heading to free their comrades that are still under Dreykov’s mind control.

What is Valentina up to?

Valentina presenting the already-recruited Yelena with a mission to take down Hawkeye.

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine is perhaps one of the most mysterious characters currently in the casino slot online MCU and last made an appearance at the end of Black Widow as she tasked Yelena with taking down Hawkeye. While we’ve already learned how that turned out, Valentina’s recruitment of powerful, albeit morally ambiguous, beings is suspicious all in itself.

Though this casino slot online is likely for the Thunderbolts, the anti-Avengers that has an upcoming MCU film (that we discussed in the U.S. Agent entry), it’s unclear exactly how this storyline will unfold. From what we’ve seen so far, Valentina appears to be recruiting “dark” versions of the original Avengers: the U.S. Agent in place of Captain America and Yelena in place of Black Widow. It wouldn’t surprise us if Baron Zemo is recruited to lead the team like he did in the comics, Abomination is brought on in the Hulk role, and others like Taskmaster and Ghost also join the team.

Abomination’s MMA Appearance

Abomination and Wong fighting in Xu Xialing's club.

The casino slot online Incredible Hulk is somehow making a second appearance on this list thanks to Abomination showing up in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. He’s seen brawling with Wong in Xialing’s club but appears to have moved on from his purely evil phase as the duo share some friendly banter and disappear through a portal together.

They’re both due to appear in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, where Abomination’s character (or rather Emil Blonsky, as he can transform back and forth now) will be expanded upon for his first time in nearly 15 years.

The Ten Rings’ Beacon

Shang-Chi and Katy entering their new superhero world as Wong, Banner, and Captain Marvel discuss the Ten Rings.

Wong appears to be building his own casino slot online Avengers as, alongside the previously mentioned Abomination, he also recruited Shang-Chi and Katy. Introducing them to Captain Marvel and Bruce Banner, the group discovers that the Ten Rings are acting as a beacon, “sending a message” to an unknown place and person.

Xu Xialing Taking Over the Ten Rings Organization

Xu Xialing declaring

With her father gone and brother back in the States, Xu Xialing takes over the Ten casino slot online Rings organisation at the end of Shang-Chi. With Razor Fist and Jon Jon at her side, she declares they “have a lot of work to do” before the camera moves away to reveal the modernised version of her base.

The Eternals Being Kidnapped

Arishem the Judge kidnapping with ease three Eternals: Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos.

After managing to stop the birth of a Celestial, things don’t go the Eternals’ way after Arishem the Judge appears and abducts Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos. This leaves Makkari, Druig, and Thena to search for them among the stars when none other than Thanos’s brother appears. Eros, joined by his troll casino slot online companion Pip, declare they know how to get the other Eternals back.

Dane Uncovers the Ebony Blade

Dane is ready to do anything to help Sersi, even revisit his family's dark past with the Ebony Blade.

Following his casino slot online girlfriend being kidnapped by a Prime Celestial, Dane Whitman decides he can’t just sit and do nothing and so he steps back into his family’s dark past. Opening a chest with the inscription “Death is my Reward,” he reveals a sword wrapped in bloody bandages that appears to respond to him. Before he can touch the weapon, however, a mysterious voice from behind asks: “Sure you’re ready for that, Mr Whitman?”

The casino slot online man behind the ominous question is none other than Mahershala Ali, who is slated to star as Blade in an upcoming MCU Blade movie. Dane becomes the cursed Black Knight in the comics, and in addition to seeing him suit up in armor, we’re now also looking forward to him teaming up with Blade, perhaps for the MCU’s version of the Midnight Sons.

Kingpin and Echo

Echo threatening to (and then probably) shooting Kingpin.

Given that on-screen deaths are often reversed in the casino slot online MCU, we’re not taking any chances with the alleged off-screen death of crime boss Kingpin at the end of Hawkeye. Though introduced as a heartless criminal, Echo is revealed to just be from a tough background and definitely warms up towards the end of the series. So did she kill Kingpin?

This casino slot online scene was actually directly pulled from the comics so we (probably) already know what’s coming. Spoilers ahead!

Daredevil’s Appearance

Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, making a brief appearance as Peter Parker's attorney.

While it’s still a little hazy whether or not the casino slot online Netflix Marvel shows are MCU canon or not, thanks to Spider-Man: No Way Home we at least know that Matt Murdock is definitely in the MCU and he definitely has his powers. This brief appearance will be continued soon, as Daredevil will be returning in at least one upcoming show.

He’s confirmed to be make an appearance alongside Kingpin in the Echo series, but, given that Daredevil is a lawyer, casino slot online fans are hoping he’ll also make an appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law to have a superhero lawyer face-off against Jennifer Walters.

Forgetting Peter Parker

Peter Parker went back and forward on revealing the truth to Ned and M.J. before deciding to leave them alone.

Following his casino slot online multiversal adventure in Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker made the world a better place for everyone but himself. The world forgot him, meaning he lost his man in the chair Ned and his girlfriend M.J. Though Parker almost goes to his best friends with the full story, he sees how happy they are and decides not to. But surely it can’t end there, right? That would be too sad.

The Venom Symbiote

Eddie Brock appears momentarily in the MCU before being sent home, leaving behind a piece of Venom symbiote.

Another casino slot online world version of Eddie Brock, Venom’s host, appear thanks to the multiverse shenanigans taking place in Spider-Man: Far From Home. While this appears to be just a fun cameo in a film full of fun cameos, Brock’s appearance actually has some pretty significant knock-on effects as a piece of the Venom symbiote remains on Earth.

As is the casino slot online case with most heroes and villains, there has been a ton of different versions of Venom throughout the comics’ history. The MCU hasn’t confirmed any plans to introduce it at the moment, so whether it becomes a straight villain by bonding with Eddie Brock, blends with Spider-Man akin to the original live-action film, or does something else entirely, we just don’t know.

Spider-Man’s iconic black suit was first introduced in Secret casino slot online Wars – a major event from the comics that sees some of Marvel’s most iconic characters face off – so perhaps an eventual Secret Wars film would be a sensible moment to reintroduce it and finally deliver the MCU’s version of Spider-Man’s black suit.

Moon Knight’s Third Personality

Jake Lockley killing Arthur Harrow at the request of Khonshu.

Two’s company and three’s a crowd for Mark Spector and Steven Grant as a third split personality, Jake Lockley, appears at the end of Moon Knight, having made another casino slot online deal with the Egyptian god Khonshu. Though the series ended with Spector and Grant freeing themselves of Khonshu, it looks like Lockley has brought them straight back into the chaos.

America Chavez Training at Kamar-Taj

America Chavez can finally settle a little, doing so at Kamar-Taj where she'll train in the Mystic Arts.

Wong adds yet another superhero to his casino slot online team as America Chavez decided to stay on earth following the events of Dr Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. She begins training with the Masters of the Mystic Arts at Kamar-Taj. Chavez never finds her mothers in the film, which could be pursued in the future, perhaps in the long-teased Young Avengers.

Doctor Strange and Clea

Doctor Strange returns to the Dark Dimension with none other than Clea, the niece of Dormammu.

A lot happens at the casino slot online end of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The film closes, first of all, with Strange falling to his knees in pain before a third eye opens on his forehead. During an end-credit scene, however, it seems that Doctor Strange has come to terms with it. The true teaser comes as the mysterious Clea appears and tells Strange that he’s caused a multiversal incursion and they need to go and fix it. Opening a portal to the Dark Dimension, both Strange and Clea step in.

In the casino slot online comics, Clea is a sorceress from the Dark Dimension and the niece of Dormammu, Strange’s first major foe. The incursion is also directly linked to the aforementioned Secret Wars event, meaning this interaction could be a potential tie-in later on, but regardless, the duo will likely be the focus of a potential third Doctor Strange film.

Love and Thunder

Despite his daughter's death sparking Gorr's entire journey as the God Butcher, in the end he entrusted her to Thor.

As his latest adventure points out, Thor has lost a lot of casino slot online people, but he seemingly gains someone as he adotps Gorr the God Butcher’s child, Love. While this probably isn’t her real name (Thor obviously isn’t called Thunder either), the pair’s adventures will seemingly shape the future of the Norse god’s MCU adventures.

As for what these will entail, nobody really knows, as Love is a completely fresh character that doesn’t exist in the comics. In the short amount of time we see the two hang out we learn that Love has some pretty advanced casino slot online super powers, and she’ll seemingly use them to join Thor in battle as they travel the universe fighting baddies. Maybe she could eventually join America Chavez on the Young Avengers.

God Versus God

The God of Lightning and God of Thunder's clash in the film will likely lead to a new rivalry for Thor with Hercules.

Despite Thor piercing his chest with the Thunderbolt, Zeus is still alive and kicking, or at least alive and barking orders. But he doesn’t attempt to hunt down Thor himself, he sends his casino slot online son Hercules in his place, likely setting up a new antagonist for the God of Thunder.

Thor and Hercules have been long-time rivals in the casino slot online comics, with their relationship ranging everywhere from mortal (or immortal maybe) enemies to teammates in the Avengers, so, at this stage of the MCU when the universe appears to be expanding in infinite directions, we’ll just have to wait and see which end of the spectrum Hercules settles on.


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