Interesting morning Poker jackpot competition for some guests

Interesting morning Poker jackpot competition for some guests – Say about your room at GVR. What games do you share, competitions, tools, etc. How did you get into poker?

How did you get into poker? “We have morning competitions every day at 10am – No Limit Hold’em, buy-in $45. We will extend our tournament play until Monday nights starting March if they are as successful as our morning competitions, we will increase the evening events again

“We have great varieties of live poker 1-2 no-limit, limit 2-4, limit 3-6, Omaha 4-8, and on weekends 2-5 no-limit and 4-8 limit Hold’em. We occasionally spread 10-25 no-limit games during the week in the afternoon.

“We have Wi-Fi and charging stations for phones on every table.”

What makes your room famous or unique to players? What is their favorite game?

“Our most popular games are 1-2 no limit, 2-4 limit and 3-6 limit. One of the things we are so unique about is that the tables are separated by a good margin and the space is large, but still has a very comfortable feel.

Are there any special events, competitions or promotions coming up?

“We have special events during the time. Some include special competitions for team members, of which our general manager, Carol Thompson, is an advocate and a big participant. We do charity competitions from time to time, and in fact Kiwanis Club has a big event in our room at the end of this month.

We have some bonus138 great jackpots for guests, including the Bad Beat Jackpot, as well as some famous hands-free ones where guests can win anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars in our private Race to the Ace promo. ”

He ended our interview with this latest response: “I’m going to be 66 soon and I won’t be doing this forever but now while I can, I hope I make a difference in the lives of the people I work with and the people who stop by. and play a few hands of poker. ”

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