Mentally challenging Gambling activities keep us healthy

Mentally challenging Gambling activities keep us healthy – “Start now to prevent dementia.” That was the headline of the California Journal feature in the March 30 issue of the Los Angeles Times. Journalist Robin Abcarian quotes Maria Shriver, the former first lady of California, who founded the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement. (Shriver is married to former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.)

Alzheimer’s disease is the most terrifying form of dementia, causing serious damage and shortening the lives of millions of people across our country. It’s terrible in every way. Alzheimer’s is a chronic neurodegenerative disease that usually starts slowly and gets worse over time. It is the cause of 60% to 70% of dementia cases.

Despite billions of dollars spent on research over the past three decades, there is little that can be done to prevent or treat it. There is no known cure.

What particularly caught my attention was Shriver’s statement: “We’ve all become so obsessed with our bodies that we forget how to take care of our brains.”

He said this while moderating a panel of experts specializing in various related fields. But then, when it comes to brain health – “what your brain needs to survive and thrive” he focuses on physical exercise, diet, and meditation. In addition to strengthening muscles and joints, exercise increases blood flow to the brain, which carries oxygen to prevent “brain fog”. As for diet, according to neuroscientist Lisa Mosconi, “if you eat right for your brain, you eat right for your body.”

There are preferred food choices that might help. But, across a long column, there isn’t a word about exercising the brain to help it stay strong and healthy. That’s where the poker game enters the picture. Visit the 168 slot harvest gambling agent.

Play lottery but don’t die bankrupt – Some pros use their winnings to bet on other games unbeaten like craps. The end result: They went bankrupt. Others may put their winnings in bad investments. They should get advice from an experienced investment professional. And they neglect to put their winnings into a retirement savings account bonus138, where they can earn interest, dividends, and other tax-free benefits until they are ready to retire.

Some pros cheat on their taxes, or may not even file taxes. Outcome: They pay more social security (forced savings for retirement), get smaller living allowances, and may not qualify for Medicare.

Much of this is due to pro arrogance (“I don’t need it” syndrome). Likewise, he may fail to consider health insurance. (“I will always be healthy,” he assured himself.) Then, professional lottery players may be so busy learning their skills and playing lottery that they fail to recognize that it is a sedentary game. There is very little physical exercise involved when sitting at a table.

Dr. Schoonmaker explains that “Poor health has a much bigger effect on the earnings of lottery players than any other professional.”

As an explanation, he notes that you can make a living as a mediocre salesperson, teacher or lawyer, but you won’t survive as a lottery pro unless you’re among the best.

“If you neglect your health, you will have higher medical costs, and you will not play well enough to pay for them. You probably won’t die broke. You will also die faster. ”

To this, I’ll add the unavoidable cost-to-play (which I write about often), be it cash games or tournaments. Overcoming this return home fee is a challenge for all players – both professionals and recreation visit an online lottery prediction gambling agent.

In the following columns, Dr. Schoonmaker will discuss other causes of death. More importantly, he promised to tell us how to retire safely.

Play lottery gambling but don’t die broke. If you are contemplating moving from recreation to pro lottery, think again before you take that big step.

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