This is like a dream. You can bet on both sides of a sports contest and still win. Say you win big. It’s a surprise huh. It’s something that isn’t quite discussed, but it really exists. This article will discuss how to win at sports betting by betting on both teams of the NBA basketball game. This is a simple concept that you can easily follow bonus138. You will be able to use it in seconds. Are you ready for this? We go.

TOPBET Lines & Movements

This idea is based on the fact that the NBA line usually moves up/down with each NBA game. The team may be a 2-point favorite to win, and then close out the game as a 2-point favorite. But, it could also be a 2-point favorite all day. The NBA total line is full of moves. A game can open at 192 or close at 196. Line movement of 3-4 percentage points on the total is normal. To use this sports betting technique, you will bet on each side at different times. You may not be able to use this strategy in every game, because not all games have moves. As we already mentioned, the total line moves for most games. There are four basic rules you need to remember:

  1. You must bet the favorite when the line goes up.
  2. If you choose to bet the underdog, you must also bet the favorite at the end of the line.
  3. If you want to place an over bet, you must also bet Under when the line goes down.
  4. If you bet under, bet over when it goes down.

Now that you have an overview of the concepts and rules, let’s look at an example of an actual NBA total.

Betting example

Our example features the Miami Heat, who are the 3-point favorites, playing at home against N.Y. Knicks. The over/under for this game is 168, and the line just opened. It’s easy to see how the game works mathematically and you’ll be placing a $110 bet. $110 is the initial bet you placed on the OVER 168 game. The line moves to 173. You watch the line all day. You decide that 5 points is enough. This is a possible outcome.

  1. The game ends at 169, or 174. This is a push. Your vig can only be lost with one ticket.
  2. The game can end at/under 167 or over 174. This is a push. Your vig will not be lost if you lose a ticket.
  3. The game can end on 168 and 173. You push one ticket and win the other ticket. You have earned $90. ($100 minus vig)
  4. The game can finish at 169,170,171 or 172. Both tickets are yours and you will receive $190.

In our example, the worst case scenario is that you lose $10. The best case scenario would see you win $190. That’s 19 times your risk.


So, what’s your catch? The line must be able to move in both directions and at what speed. Let’s say you bet that the line will move over 168 but it doesn’t. Now, you’re playing OVER168. You can enjoy this bet if you want. But if you’re betting just hoping it moves, this is a bet you don’t like.

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