Sony’s Inzone Casino slot online Series Includes of a Trio of Gaming Headsets

Sony has announced a new line of gaming casino slot online bonus138 headsets and monitors today.

As part of its Inzone casino slot online lineup, Sony’s latest lineup of gaming products are not specifically PlayStation-branded. In total, five products are featured in the Inzone lineup: three gaming headsets along with two gaming monitors.

The casino slot online headsets are part of the Inzone H-series, the design is similar to Sony’s Pulse 3D headset with three different models: H3, H7, and H9. The H3 is the most affordable and is the only wired gaming headset in the Inzone H-series. While the H7 and H9 are wireless headsets that also support Bluetooth, the biggest distinction between the two is the H9 offers digital noise canceling. All three headsets support 360-degree spatial audio and work on PC and PS5.

The Sony casino slot online Inzone H3 will retail for $99, while the H7 and H9 will retail for $229 and $299, respectively.

We reviewed the high-end Sony Inzone H9 headset, noting that, while it was a decent first attempt from Sony to make a non-PlayStation branded casino slot online headset, the sore spots and $299 price tag make it a tough sell for most of its target audience.

The other two casino slot online products in the Inzone lineup include the M-series, with two monitors: the Inzone M3 and M9. The Inzone M3 is a 1080p gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 240Hz. The flagship M9 is a 4K gaming monitor with a refresh rate of 144Hz.

Both M-series casino slot online monitors are 27-inches and feature HDMI 2.1, making these good monitors to consider if you are looking to take advantage of devices that support variable refresh rate, such as the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nvidia’s GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs. Sony notes that the Inzone M-series will have some exclusive features for PS5 owners, such as Auto HDR Tone Mapping, allowing you to optimize your console’s high dynamic range (HDR).

In our casino slot online review of the Sony Inzone M9, we praised the display for offering 4K 120Hz gaming at a competitive price, compared to other monitors of similar specs available on the market.

The Inzone M3 will cost $529 and will be available sometime this winter, while the high-end Inzone M9 is coming this summer and will retail for $899.


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