The 3 Biggest Mistakes Many Roulette Players Make Roulette

Win at roulette

Casino roulette has been popular in the United States since the release of the early Bond films. As more and more people started playing the game, slot88 casino continued to make more and more profits. But there are ways to increase your odds against the house. Let’s take a look at the three biggest mistakes that casual roulette players make.

Play the wheel not the table

Many casual roulette players don’t notice that the numbers are in a different order on the wheel than they are on the table. For example a series of three turns of say 23,24,25 would appear as a significant pattern when in fact it is completely random, because the numbers are in a random pattern on the wheel. Whereas a series of three turns 17,20,32 will appear random, when in fact it is a very significant pattern as the numbers run sequentially on the wheel. Watch the wheel to develop patterns and increase your chances.

For trend or not trend

For bettors who like to bet on even, red and black, odd or even, high or low money odds, take a look at the table for one of the two patterns. The first pattern is a trend pattern. Often times the table will trend with all red or all even etc. This is a good time to step in and make some quick money. The second pattern is the chop pattern. Watch for tables running back and forth between red and black or odd and even etc as this can also be a good time bonus138 to jump in and make some quick cash.

Don’t ignore the law

There are many laws that apply to the game of roulette. After that law is the third law. This applies to every roulette wheel in any casino anywhere! You see, in a full cycle of 38 rounds there will be around 24 numbers that are played. That means that some numbers are rotated twice, three or even four times. This is the third law in action. Playing with such laws in mind can give you a winning strategy. Stick with what’s most likely to happen.

Regardless of whether you are a casual player or playing for a living, you can increase your chances of winning by using these tips and taking advantage of the third law. To take advantage of the third law, see the resource box below.

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