This Stray Casino Slot Online Mod Lets You Play as Garfield the Cat

Stray is an adorable new casino slot online bonus138 game about a cat exploring a post-apocalyptic future full of robots, and now, you can play through the whole thing as the laziest, chillest cat of them all: Garfield.

A new casino slot online mod by modder Chris Rubino replaces the cat in Stray with a surprisingly believable rendition of Garfield of comics casino slot online fame, right down to the lazy expression and chubby cheeks. That’s it, that’s all it does – no lasagna or Odie or Lorenzo Music voice, just the good old Garfield wandering around a robot city, fending off Zurks, and probably getting into more trouble than Garfield himself ever could at Jon Arbuckle’s house.

For me, the best part of this casino slot online mod is the deep expression of total ennui on his face:

It’s no surprise that Garfield has entered casino slot online Stray given that the original kitty is an orange tabby just like him, but other modders have taken it even farther already. There’s a weird mod you can add that replaces Stray’s meowing action with the sound of Heavy Rain protagonist Ethan Mars calling for his lost son. And delightfully, a number of modders are jumping on a new trend of making the cat in Stray look like their own cats at home.

Even though we reviewed a version of Stray sans Garfield, we still found it to be a “delightful cat-based adventure in a cyberpunk world worth casino slot online exploring.” If you’re picking it up for the first time, there are a number of wonderfully cat-like things you can do in Stray’s world, and IGN has a full wiki guide to help you through from start to finish.


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