Valve Warns Against Tampering With Steam Casino slot online Deck’s SSD

A Valve employee has urged Steam Deck users to avoid modding and tampering with the casino slot online bonus138 device’s SSD drives as it could negatively impact its hardware in the long run.

Last Saturday, PC casino slot online Gamer published an article which suggests that you can replace the device’s 2230 M.2 SSD with a larger M.2 2242 in the Steam Deck after some modifications with the hardware. This discovery was made by Canadian modder Belly Jelly on Twitter.

In response to the casino slot online article, Valve hardware designer, Lawrence Yang has advised users to not tamper with the hardware. This includes moving the thermal pads as the charger IC can get very hot.

“Most 2242 m.2 drives draw more casino slot online power and get hotter than what Deck is designed for. This mod may appear to work but will significantly shorten the life of your Deck,” Yang added.

And you still can't buy a replacement battery.

This might be a bummer for Steam Deck casino slot online users who were looking to upgrade the SSD of their new portable gaming device. However, if you’re just looking to add more storage to the device’s measly 512GB, there is still the Micro SD slot you can use to add up to 1TB of storage space.

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